Vegas Bachelorette and Scavenger Hunt


Vegas: the #1 party spot, and by default, the most popular destination in the world for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

When you hear the classic line, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” you immediatley imagine the craziest time of your life. One that you will never speak of again outside your circle of friends. Which is the main reason we find it so hard to blog about a Vegas bachelorette.

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Trending: Sparkling Bridesmaid Shoes

Trend Sparkling Bridesmaid Shoes. Betsey Johnson. Metallic, Silver, Pewter, Gold, Rose Gold. Peep Toe. Sparkles. Strappy Heel. Sandal. Platform Pumps.

In most cases, long gone are the days where the bride asks her bridesmaids to match her shoe color to her dress, and we sure are thankful for that!

A popular trend is for bridesmaids to wear sparkly, sequin, or metallic shoes. These shoe colors match many bridesmaid dresses and are easy to find. Here are a list of our favorite picks.

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Will You Hold My Dress While I Pee?

Will You Hold My Dress While I Pee. eFowCreations etsy shop. Bridesmaid card. Will you be my bridesmaid.
Will you hold my dress while I pee? card by eFowCreations

We’re going to get real today and talk about something most bride’s tend to gloss over, but something you as a bridesmaid need to be prepared to handle. It’s the reality that using the bathroom while in a wedding dress is a task unlike any other, and often requires assistance. :::Cue the bridesmaids!:::

At some point in my teenage years my mother told me a story about a wedding in the late 80’s. As guests often say, “the bride was beautiful”, and described as having a huge princess gown with lots of lace. Almost in the same breath, my mom laughed, and made an off hand comment that the bride’s dress was so big she needed help from multiple women to use the bathroom. A sight she’d never forget.

Flash forward 25 years later and brides are still in the same boat. So what do you do when you’re wearing a wedding dress and you need to pee?

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