Will You Hold My Dress While I Pee?

At some point in my teenage years my mother told me a story about a wedding in the late 80’s. As guests often say, “the bride was beautiful”. She was described as having a huge princess gown with lots of lace. Almost in the same breath my mom laughed. She then made an off hand comment that the bride’s dress was so big she needed help from multiple women to use the bathroom. It was a sight she said she’d never forget.

Flash forward 25 years later and brides are still in the same boat. So what do you do when you’re wearing a wedding dress and you need to pee?

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Refreshing New Bridesmaid Picture Ideas That Will Make You Unique

If you’re anything like us, you spend hours on Pinterest. You’ve seen the “must take wedding photo” pins so you know how it goes. You do a search and see the same dozen photos you always do. You keep scrolling, see a pin you like and think, “oh that’s unique,” so you click the link and BAM! There you are again on an article with one unique pin and the same dozen photos you’ve seen before, circa 2010. So how are you supposed to find the most unique bridesmaid pictures?

Must Take Bridesmaid Photos of 2016 bridesmaidsconfession.com

Well my lovely reader, we worked very hard to make this a different kind of roundup. You’ll find unique shots, a few new takes on some old poses, and yes a few things you’ve seen before. One thing is for sure though, we promise you’ll love these gorgeous photos since we worked with various photographers to handpick them just for you.

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How To Create Beautiful Getting Ready Photos With Your Bridesmaids

Today’s brides and grooms usually hire a professional photographer to capture moments throughout their special day. This includes photographs of the entire bridal party, and may even include getting ready photos. So what should a good bridesmaid do if they want to go above and beyond when working with the photographer?

To answer that question we reached out to Pittsburgh wedding photographer Mandy Brisco, of Amanda Brisco Photography, for a few professional tips and tricks. Mandy started off by telling us about how she found her passion for photographing weddings.

Starting Her Business

I started my business in 2013. Mostly I was photographing families, babies, and maternity.  I had the opportunity to be a second shooter for my first wedding in August of 2013.  I immediately fell in love with not only the images but the entire process of the day.  A month later, I covered my first wedding on my own and by the end of 2014, I had covered over 20 weddings and officially moved my business to full time wedding photography.  I have always been a hopeless romantic, so my photography style mirrors that.  I look to create soft, romantic images that truly captures the love and affection between my couples.

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