Congrats! You’re officially a bridesmaid. A time honored tradition that will culminate in your bride walking down the aisle to marry their soul mate. Sounds like a simple task right? Sure, all you have to do is help the bride find a dress, deal with in-law drama, find your own dress, shoes, and earrings, get on the same page as all the other bridesmaids, and of course plan a bridal shower. When you plan the shower you’ll need to find a venue or someone to host, find catering, buy bottles of bubbly, send out invites, plan shower games, and of course make sure the mother-of-the-bride feels included. (Wait, don’t forget the mother-of-the-groom!)

Starting to feel overwhelmed? Well, you’ve still got a bachelorette to plan, a speech to write, and a whole wedding day full of bridesmaid duties to get through. Sure it’s a lot, but you don’t have to do it alone. You could ask the other bridesmaids to help. But what if they’re unorganized, clueless, or sadly just unwilling to put in the effort you will? Still, it’s possible everyone involved wants to be helpful, they just don’t have the time to be the best dang bridesmaid ever due to work and family obligations. That’s where Bridesmaids Confession comes in to save the day. Our packages are customizable, so we can assist you in the areas you need help the most. We’re here to make your bridesmaid experience an enjoyable one, and as stress free as possible!


I’m Theresa Bailey, the HBIC at Bridesmaids Confession, and by that I mean Head Bridesmaid in Charge of course. You see, event planning has been my passion ever since freshman year of college when I joined the activities planning board. I’ve organized everything from surprise birthday parties, to charity events, social outings in my community, and more. It was when I got engaged that I quickly realized organizing a wedding was the most fun I’d ever had. Then my sister got engaged and I discovered I loved planning bridal showers and bachelorettes even more!

These events combine the things I adore most; great food, fun games, decorating, best friends, creating memories, lots of laughs, and a chance to pop the bubbly! My years of experience creating uniquely themed parties, and my ability to organize, will make me a vital part of your bridesmaid success story. Best part is, nobody has to know you have me helping. I can be your secret virtual bridesmaid bestie. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to chatting.

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