How to Help a Runaway Bride. One Hint: Disney World!

As a bridesmaid you will stand by your bride’s side through it all, right? You’ll help her pick out a dress, plan her shower, throw an amazing bachelorette, and of course see her down the aisle. Well what do you do if the bride calls off the entire wedding? When she has, in fact, become a runaway bride!

How to help as a bridesmaid, when the wedding has been called off. Walt Disney World Runaway Bride.

To find out, we’re talking to a group of ladies that call themselves the Mousewives. These four sisters and their mom enjoy all things Disney. So it wasn’t too surprising to hear that when one sister called off her wedding, they ran away to Disney World! Thankfully this story has a happy ending, and they have a few tips for what you can do to help a runaway bride.

Tell us more about each of you and your love for Disney.

Sarah: I was raised on the classic Disney channel and love integrating Disney into our everyday lives! I enjoy crafting and planning every Disney trip detail to a T. My husband and I have branched out from WDW and started cruising with the Disney Cruise Line!

Erin (runaway bride, RB): I am the runaway mousewife of the trip, and the youngest of the group. I am a former cast member in Animal Kingdom as outdoor food and beverage.

Elysabethe:  I’m a former Cast Member as a photopass photographer. Currently I’m a freelance writer and photographer, so blogging is right in my wheelhouse!

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6 Proven Ways You Can Avoid Bachelorette Party Chaos

As most of you following along know, my sister got married last year. Along with this joyous occasion came the traditional celebrations of a bridal shower and a bachelorette party. I’ve mentioned before that planning these things was a bit chaotic with the bridesmaids living in different states and countries. When we planned the bridal shower, we split the duties up between the bridesmaids and the bride’s mother. It was an all around success!

6 Proven Ways to Avoid Bachelorette Party Chaos

When it came time to plan the bachelorette party, we decided to host it in Atlantic City. The majority of people lived within an hour of that location, so we made a weekend out of it. Over 20 people were invited, but I was convinced I could handle all aspects of planning the bachelorette on my own. I did ask for input from the other bridesmaids, but ultimately I wanted to be the lead decision maker. I felt that was best so we could move forward in a timely fashion.

Well my friends, we had an amazing time with the 16 people who were in attendance. However, I learned a few lessons the hard way when trying to organize that many people. I would definitely do a few things different if given the chance. So to help you avoid some bachelorette party pitfalls, I’d like to share with you some do’s and dont’s for planning a weekend long trip. First up…

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How to Help Your Bride Find the Perfect Dress.

Picking out a wedding dress is one of the most exciting, and stressful, things on a bride’s to do list. Today we’re going to share with you our personal experience of wedding dress shopping with our sister. It was an honor to help her pick out her dress and we’re happy to provide you with a few vital tips we learned along the way.

How to Help Your Bride Find the Perfect Dress.

My sister Christina has been living overseas in Germany for the past 3 years. Planning her wedding involved a lot of emails and Skype sessions. (Yay for technology!) To further complicate the planning process, none of the bridesmaids lived anywhere near each other. One bridesmaid lives in WV, one lives in NJ, and the other lives in Japan. It took a lot of coordination for the entire bridal party to be in the same country, let alone state. So what did we do?

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Horrible Bridesmaid Tales and How Not To Be One

We’ve all heard of, and fear, a Bridezilla. You know, a bride who wants everything her way and will make everyone’s life around her a nightmare if it doesn’t happen. On the flip side there is also the term Bridechilla, referring to a bride so chill that she just lets the day unfold around her with no complaints. A new term that you may not have heard: Bridesmaidzilla.

Don't be a Bridesmaidzilla. Avoid being a demanding diva and let the bride have her day. Horror stories from

For the purposes of this article we are defining Bridesmaidzilla as a Bridesmaid who, knowingly or not, makes the wedding day about them. They’re extremely rude in general and usually cause lots of unnecessary drama. Don’t worry though, we’re here to tell you stories so you can figure out if you have the potential to be a Bridesmaidzilla, and if so, how to avoid it.

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Five Things To Consider Before Being a Bridesmaid

Your friend is getting married and you’re overjoyed by the happy news. You know that any day now she’ll find a cheeky way to say, “will you be my bridesmaid?” There are things to consider before being a bridesmaid, but of course you’ll forget that and gleefully accept.

Plus you’ve never been a bridesmaid before and you’re a little nervous. You can’t help but think of some of the horror stories you’ve heard involving bridesmaid drama. Plus you know it can be expensive!

Bridesmaid Budget. Preparing for Common Bridesmaid Wedding Expenses.What To Know

Never fear. We’ve got you covered! In our guest post for The Clued Up Bride, we’ll talk about the five things you MUST know before becoming a bridesmaid. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, however, being prepared will help you enjoy your time as a bridesmaid.

Find out our tips by reading the full article here:

What do you think about the average cost for being a bridesmaid? What tips do you have for future bridesmaids? Share with us in the comments.

Vegas Bachelorette and Amazing Surprise Scavenger Hunt

Vegas: the #1 party spot, and by default, the most popular destination in the world for bachelor and bachelorette parties.


When you hear the classic line, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” you immediately imagine the craziest time of your life. One that you will never speak of again outside your circle of friends. Which is the main reason we find it so hard to blog about a Vegas bachelorette.

Luckily, bridesmaid Cristina and her girls are more than happy to share the details of bride Krystal’s bachelorette weekend. Continue reading