Amazing Disney Themed Bachelorette on Halloween

Disney Themed Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party. Bride dressed as Ariel and Groom was Prince Eric. @disneybride2be

Bride-to-be Nicole’s two favorite things are Disney and Halloween. Naturally this makes us instant best friends in our mind!

We’ve been stalking following Nicole on instagram @disneybride2be for a while. When we saw her epic pictures on IG from the couple’s joint bachelor / bachelorette party we begged to hear her full story.

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Will You Hold My Dress While I Pee?

At some point in my teenage years my mother told me a story about a wedding in the late 80’s. As guests often say, “the bride was beautiful”. She was described as having a huge princess gown with lots of lace. Almost in the same breath my mom laughed. She then made an off hand comment that the bride’s dress was so big she needed help from multiple women to use the bathroom. It was a sight she said she’d never forget.

Flash forward 25 years later and brides are still in the same boat. So what do you do when you’re wearing a wedding dress and you need to pee?

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I Realize I Was a Bad Bridesmaid, Now That I’ve Been a Bride.

In this post we interview Lisa from The Wedding Cat about why she thinks she was a bad bridesmaid. She describes herself as a recent bride, who DIY’d the majority of her Detroit wedding, with a little help from friends and family. Besides writing and interviewing you might catch her looking at cat pictures.

Bridesmaid Helping With Brides Dress -

Lisa (far left) as a bridesmaid in her friend Val’s wedding.

What are your favorite parts of being a bridesmaid?

The wedding-related events like the bridal shower, bachelorette, and getting ready together the morning of the wedding. Plus it’s fun to meet new people from the bride’s life. I’ve made really good friends with bridesmaids I’ve met through friend’s weddings.

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Great Gatsby Theme – Bridal Shower Inspiration

One of the most popular themes for bridal showers is the Great Gatsby. Call it a love affair with the 20’s or maybe champagne? Either way it’s a truly fun way to celebrate your bride-to-be in style.

Roaring 1920s Great Gatsby Themed Bridal Shower from

When speaking with bride Melanie about her Gatsby themed shower she told us she was extremely surprised!

My bridesmaids and mother-in-law went above and beyond to ensure that my day was great!


So how do you make sure the bride has the right attire for the day without ruining the surprise? Do what these bridesmaids did and have the attire at the venue waiting for the bride!

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Coffee Shop Theme – Bridal Shower Inspiration

Lindsay’s bridal shower may not have been a surprise, but there were many details that were, making it a day to remember. The shower was held at the bride’s favorite lunch spot, The Beanery in Point Pleasant, NJ and the bridesmaids used the location as inspiration to create a coffee shop themed shower.




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POParazzi! Will you be my bridesmaid?

Okay so full disclosure we cheated and talked to :::gasp::: a bride! But hear us out because when we found this bride on instagram showing off how she popped the question to her bridesmaids (quite literally we might add!) we just couldn’t resist sharing her story. With an instagram handle like @amandahastwocats we knew we were in for some fun.

Amanda and Davey

Amanda (the bride!) and Davey (the groom!)

Amanda, who lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, got in engaged to her fiancé Davey this past Christmas 2015 and shortly after her mother and sister threw her an engagement party. She was planning on asking all of her bridesmaids there but one of Davey’s sister lives in Ohio and one of Amanda’s sisters is in the Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA. Since they couldn’t all be in the same place at the same time she was determined to find a fun way to ask her closest girls to be her bridesmaids without doing something that was “boring”.

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