This Bridal Shower Is Made Of Sparkly Champagne Dreams

Imagine you are the owner of a successful bridal shop. Every year you help hundreds of brides find the perfect wedding dress. You listen to stories of their bridal showers, bachelorettes, and all the fun planning…. now it’s your turn! So what will the bridal experience be like for you? Well bride-to-be and dress shop owner Kristen knows exactly how this journey plays out. A journey that just so happens to include a bridal shower made of pink, unicorn, sparkly champagne dreams!

Pink, Sparkly, Champagne, Unicorn Bridal Shower.

Where was your shower held, and what was the theme?

My shower was held at The Lake Manor Bed and Breakfast, Morgantown, WV. When my girls were trying to come up with the theme, they thought, “Who is Kristen? She is pink, sparkles, champagne, and unicorns.” So that kind of became the theme. We kept joking that they thought that is what the inside of my brain looked like always.

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How To Avoid Embarrassing Bridesmaid Errors

Being a bridesmaid is an amazing honor. (Hence why we’ve dedicated a blog to it.) But people often forget that it’s not just an honor – it’s a task. It’s not as passive as people make it out to be. This means that it’s possible to make some pretty embarrassing bridesmaid errors. Here are the common ones that you need to avoid!

How to Avoid Embarrassing Bridesmaid Errors.

Agreeing to do it in the first place

This, of course, isn’t a mistake for most bridesmaids. But some only agree to be a bridesmaid because they were asked to do so – without actually being ready or prepared to sacrifice the time and money that being a brilliant bridesmaid entails! We have an article here about this very topic. Take the time to ensure you’re really ready to become a bridesmaid. It’s more demanding than a lot of people expect!

Stressing out

As a bridesmaid, part of your duty is to support the bride-to-be throughout the process. However stressful this process is for you, it’s bound to be much more so for her! Try to keep a level head. Yes, you may run into a bunch of problems, but it might be best if you don’t bother the bride with them too much. If there’s some bridesmaid drama, then try to ensure it’s resolved among the bridesmaids. Don’t try to get the bride to be a mediator!

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Think two brides are amazing? Wait until you see the flower nana!

When talking to Sarah about her love for Laura, it was obvious their story is one for the books. From both of them only dating men before each other, to their joint bachelorette party, to being the first same-sex female couple married in their part of the UK, and the fact that they had a ‘flower nan’, they are one interesting couple. It’s no wonder these two brides run their own blog!

Two brides and a flower nana. Lesbian wedding. Sarah Plus Laura.

Tell us about yourselves:

We are Sarah and Laura, two wives who blog at

Laura is originally from Idaho in the USA and I, Sarah, am from Reading, UK. We met at work in London in 2009, moved to Australia together in 2010 where we travelled for a year before returning to London. We settled in Birmingham, UK in 2013. Our blog features travel, reviews for destinations in the UK and beyond, stories about us, our experiences, and things we love – from food, to our cockapoo Bisbee. We also dedicate a whole section in our blog to preparing for our wedding and then the day itself. Without a doubt, our wedding has been a highlight in our relationship to date.

Tell us about your love story:

In our case, love didn’t come easy. We started new jobs in the same company on the same day. Rather than bonding over the shared experience, our differences meant our first impressions of each other weren’t positive. I was seen as a ‘sour-faced, stuck up, reserved’ British sales person. Laura was an ‘obnoxious, loud, overly upbeat’ American customer services advisor.

We started to work closer together and our initial judgements subsided. After six months we went from hanging out in a group, to spending all our free time together. A few weeks later we admitted we were more than just friends and never looked back!

As we had both only dated men before, the relationship and how quickly our feelings progressed was a shock to both of us. We kept things mainly between us until we were confident that it could be something serious.

From the start, Laura’s parents were amazingly supportive and welcomed me into their home in the USA. Initially, my parents were adamantly against our relationship. It wasn’t until four years later that Laura eventually got an invite to the house. Our relationship with my family is definitely an ‘It gets better’ story.

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How to Help a Runaway Bride. One Hint: Disney World!

As a bridesmaid you will stand by your bride’s side through it all, right? You’ll help her pick out a dress, plan her shower, throw an amazing bachelorette, and of course see her down the aisle. Well what do you do if the bride calls off the entire wedding? When she has, in fact, become a runaway bride!

How to help as a bridesmaid, when the wedding has been called off. Walt Disney World Runaway Bride.

To find out, we’re talking to a group of ladies that call themselves the Mousewives. These four sisters and their mom enjoy all things Disney. So it wasn’t too surprising to hear that when one sister called off her wedding, they ran away to Disney World! Thankfully this story has a happy ending, and they have a few tips for what you can do to help a runaway bride.

Tell us more about each of you and your love for Disney.

Sarah: I was raised on the classic Disney channel and love integrating Disney into our everyday lives! I enjoy crafting and planning every Disney trip detail to a T. My husband and I have branched out from WDW and started cruising with the Disney Cruise Line!

Erin (runaway bride, RB): I am the runaway mousewife of the trip, and the youngest of the group. I am a former cast member in Animal Kingdom as outdoor food and beverage.

Elysabethe:  I’m a former Cast Member as a photopass photographer. Currently I’m a freelance writer and photographer, so blogging is right in my wheelhouse!

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Extra Requests You Might Want To Expect As A Bridesmaid

When you’ve agreed to be a bridesmaid, it’s more than just an honorary title you’re taking on. Yes, you might have been chosen because you’re the closest woman in the world to the bride. But it’s also because she trusts you to be able to do what’s necessary. It’s about more than looking good on the wedding day and arranging a bachelorette. You might be asked to do a little for her as well in the form of extra requests.

Extra Requests You Might Want to Expect as a Bridesmaid

Steering a smooth course

As the bridesmaid, your chief concern is as a wing-lady to a smooth wedding. This is a demanding role, with extra requests that might be surprising. You might have to be the one babysitting the photographer. You might have to bring the sewing kit to make any emergency wardrobe fixes. Or you might have to keep a list of backup vendors on you in case there are any no-shows. The most important role you have is to help deal with the stress of organizing the whole thing when the bride can’t take it all herself.

Bridesmaid holding a bouquet

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Being the second pair of eyes

The bride will have half-a-hundred ideas of what she wants for her wedding. More than once, she’s going to have trouble deciding. That’s where you come in. Note: don’t say “no” to anything she wants. Instead, help her decide between two “yeses”. If she doesn’t know what she wants, then you can also be a huge help in finding vendors for her as well.

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Bridesmaids Under Pressure to Lose Weight

Yesterday I stumbled upon an article in the New York Post about bridesmaids and the title caught my eye: “Bridesmaids under pressure to get fit for ‘picture-perfect’ wedding day.” Before I even clicked the link, I knew I was in store for some total bull shit, and boy was I right!

Diva Bride Behavior: When Bridesmaids are Put Under Pressure to Lose Weight.

The article has me livid because, spoiler alert, the brides interviewed want a perfect wedding day. That perfect day includes perfect pictures, with perfectly “fit” bridesmaids. Which means these brides see no harm in “encouraging” (yes that’s the word they use) their bridesmaids to lose weight.

Oh no she didn’t ask her to lose weight!?

I am not even kidding when I say the article contains the sentence, “even one bridesmaid who just gave birth could stand to lose a few pounds.”

Excuse our language but; you’ve got to be fucking kidding me?

Hold onto your seats though, because there is also this gem of advice from that same bride to her guests:

“I need everyone on board,” says Barton, a 30-year-old p.r. executive who lives in downtown Brooklyn. “I want my guests to invest in their appearances, feel pretty, go buy the dress of their dreams and feel confident in themselves. I want everyone to feel and look beautiful.”


So yes, some brides even think they can control what their guests look like on their special day. Extending the pressure to lose weight to anyone that attends their wedding. News flash darling, you can only control yourself.

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