Time Of The Season: Picking The Perfect Groom Attire

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Surprisingly, one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning isn’t the venue, the wedding band, or even the dress. It’s actually the season you decide to get married in. This has an overwhelming effect on the decorations, the tone, but also the fashion. When you’re choosing the styles, the groomsmen and groom attire can be difficult to get right. So I’ll help break it down into manageable chunks.

How to pick the right groom attire by season for your wedding.

The Colder Months

Fall and winter immediately prompt us to consider bundling up. The big issue with fall and winter is that the temperature can vary wildly. To offset this, a vest is, surprisingly, a key component of any fall or winter wedding outfit. You can easily lose the vest if it gets too warm, and it easily goes underneath any outfit.

Color-wise, it depends on the occasion. If tuxedos are off the menu, and it’s a smart casual affair, take inspiration from the colors of the season. This gives you a plethora of options to pick and choose from.

Mix Colors and Textures

Brown doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when you pick tweed. If money is an issue, one perfectly good tweed jacket goes with almost any formal attire.

Navy is another great option, especially if you mix it with brown suede, either in shoe or belt form. But if you go for the complete winter setup, velvet and corduroy are essential. They are low-key but are both very warm textures.

Groom Attire Brown Suit with Hat Winter Wedding

The Warmer Months

Heading into the warmer months of spring and summer, it can get a bit more complicated. Your location will make a big difference at this point, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Planning the big day a few months in advance, there is no way to predict the weather.

Spring, temperature wise, is very similar to the fall. One option to cover all bases is to go for a touch of warming color. One example is a pink dress shirt with a gray suit. You can dress this up with a cotton necktie, and a pocket square to keep the gray from looking dull.

Groom Attire Suspenders and Bow Tie Summer Wedding

Bold and Chic

Summer is all about the light colored numbers. If you’re going for full-on summer chic, a floral tie can be a brave choice. Keep it casual or make sure it works with the suit. If you’ve got a beach wedding, a tan suit, even with a hat, can help you carry off the style with confidence. Blues and colors on the lighter ends of the spectrum are a good choice for a hot summer’s day too.

Groom Attire Floral Bow Tie Summer Wedding

Groom Attire Impact

The time of the season makes a big mark on your planning. Winter weddings come with a rustic, warming sensation, whereas the summer months are all about coolness and vibrancy. When it comes to planning the ideal groom attire it’s not just about the right colors and accessories.

You need to tread that fine line between something stylish, but also practical. While we cannot predict the weather, we can plan for the season and any seasonal curveballs. Either way, ensure the groom attire makes a big impact.

What do you think of these suggestions for groom attire? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Hazel

    I’ve not seen a blog post that gives this type of advice in one post before. I like the fact you’ve covered what a Groom should wear across the various season in one fantastic post!

  • Leigh Suznovich

    Love this guide for the fellas on the big day! If we got married in the fall I would be all about that tweed.

  • Dawn @ Our Food Fix

    I love the blue suit look for men. I actually wish we would have done that for our wedding!

  • Heather Nicole Gilbert

    These are some great tips for when the special day comes around!

  • Amanda Martin

    Great tips! I think picking the groom and groomsmen attire was almost as hard as picking my own dress!

  • Justine

    These are such a great tips! My husband looked so handsome on our wedding day but looking back the one thing I would change would be what our wedding party wore. (I’d prefer a more casual suit look now!)

  • Helen Little

    I must admit, this was one aspect of our wedding planning I found really tricky. I wish I’d come across your guide sooner! I love the recommendation to wear the correct colours for the season.

  • Val@thoughtfulneighbor.com

    I love the vest look on grooms and your suggestion to take textures into account. You never know what will happen with the weather-I got married in the fall and we got a beautiful, summery day. My best friend got married in the fall too and it felt like a cold monsoon was going through.

  • Kelsey

    I’m a sucker for a bowtie haha

  • Marcie

    I love the idea of mixing colors and patterns. There are so many possibilites!

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