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Regardless of how traditional your wedding is, it is good to have something different that your guests will remember. Checking out other peoples celebrations on places like Facebook and Instagram might give you some ideas. Here are a few others for unique inspiration you might be able to tweak to suit you.

Wedding Painter

Everyone loves to go through the wedding photos after the event, but why not have someone painting scenes for you. They could capture your ceremony and your guests, or maybe a special painting of the outside of your venue. This is a gift to yourself that you’ll certainly want to hang on your wall at home.

Unique wedding ideas. Have an artist paint your day.

Open Air Photo Booth

An open air photo booth lets people take photos throughout your special day, without being crammed into a small space. This would be additional to any official wedding photographer of course. It can make memories that might otherwise be lost. Plus everyone loves to play dress up with props!

Bridesmaids Shoes

Although writing on the bridesmaid’s shoes is a tradition in some other countries, it is not one you come across in the US very often. The idea is that people write messages of goodwill on the bottom of the bridesmaid’s shoes before the ceremony starts. Or you can have only the single guests do this. The person with the most writing left at the end of the night is the next to get married.

Unique wedding ideas. Write on the bottom of your shoes.

Unique Choice Of Music

As part of your RSVP of your wedding invitations, include a space for your guests to write the name of a song they would like to hear at your reception. Whether it is a DJ or a band, they can announce the song for the guest that requested it. Of course, they do have to promise to dance when their tune is played.

Another idea for music is for each table to have a song title. When that song is played, the whole group at the table has to join in the dancing. Or if your food is buffet style, this can be the cue for each table to get their food.

Leave Old Photos

There will be friends, and family of your new husband or wife, that only know you as you are now. Frame photos of you both at different ages and leave them scattered about the room. You will be surprised how something like this can get complete strangers talking with each other. This helps to create a brilliant atmosphere at your wedding.

Unique wedding ideas. Photos of the bride and groom.

A Memory Box

Have a wooden box that will hold a bottle of wine engraved with your names and the date. Have it big enough so there is space for people to write little notes, and write each other one too. If there is room for some non-perishable mementos that is even better. Then put the box away for a special anniversary. You can relive the memories of your day while you enjoy the wine.

Doing something different will help your special day be more memorable for your guests. What really matters though is that it is a memorable day for you and your partner.

What do you think of  these unique wedding touches? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Harmony, Momma To Go

    We wrote on the bottom of my shoes! I’ve been married 11 years and there is still some of the writing!

  • Catherine @ To & Fro Fam

    Oh I love these ideas! How fun. At a wedding I went to recently, they had presents for each of the kids. It made them feel SO SPECIAL!

  • Ayanna

    Great ideas! I recently attended a wedding that had a saxophonist that played all the current songs. It was so cool and something I will always remember.

  • Katie

    These are some great ideas! I never thought of hiring a wedding painter. That be fun to have a painting of your special day.

  • Riffat Rehman

    Very nice post! I specially loved the open air booth idea!

  • Angela Lanter

    I’ve never heard of the bridesmaid’s shoe tradition! I wish I would have done that!

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