How To DIY Your Adventurous Travel Wedding Theme

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Are you adventurous and love traveling? The couple featured today surely does. So it’s no surprise that they chose a travel wedding theme. What’s even more impressive are all the DIY elements.

How To DIY Your Adventurous Travel Wedding Theme. Budget Friendly Wedding.

Love Through Adventure

Shanae and Mark met on a farm at Delaware Valley University during a summer work program. A year later Mark asked Shanae to go to a concert with him in Philadelphia and they began dating. The two share a passion for exploring the outdoors and travel. They moved across the country to Austin Texas where Mark proposed during a hike. Their first adventure as husband and wife will be spending a year traveling the country via RV!

Travel Wedding Theme. Bride and Groom.

Thrift Store Find

Globe: We found the globe at a thrift store in Austin! It had already been used as a guestbook for a previous wedding based on the signatures all over it. We up-cycled the globe by painting it and then using a Cricut printer to put the words on it.

Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor Globe. So Our Adventure Begins.

Paper Goods

Stationery: We DIYd all of it!

Infographic: We wanted the program for the ceremony to be playful, so we created an infographic using publisher and personalized it!

Travel Wedding Theme Invitations.
Travel Wedding Theme Program.
Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor Signature Drink Sign.
Travel Wedding Theme. Love is Sweet.

Guest Book

Postcards: This summer Mark and I will be following a dream of ours to travel around the country in our RV! We wanted to tie this into our guestbook. One of our goals in our travels is to get to as many national parks as possible. Our guest book was a way for everyone to leave us a note and adventure to pursue during our travels!

Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor Bucket List.
Travel Wedding Theme. Postcard Guest Book.
Travel Wedding Theme. Postcard Guest Book.

Homegrown Details

Succulents: We wanted to give our guests a practical gift to take home from our wedding. Mark is a horticulturalist and he came up with the idea to gift succulents. He ordered and grew all the succulents from our apartment in Austin. Then we painted and distressed all of the pots ourselves.

Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor Succulents.
Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor Card Box.
Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor Succulents.

Travel Wedding Theme

Shanae and Mark certainly knew what they wanted for their wedding. Here are some more highlights from their day!

Travel Wedding Theme. Outdoor Park Wedding.
Travel Wedding Theme. Dress.
Travel Wedding Theme. Dress.
Travel Wedding Theme. Bridal Party.
Travel Wedding Theme. Bride and Bridesmaids.
Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor.
Travel Wedding Theme. White Roses.
Travel Wedding Theme. White Flower Centerpieces.
Travel Wedding Theme. DIY Decor.
Travel Wedding Theme. Love is Sweet.
Travel Wedding Theme Cake and Desserts.

What do you think of this DIY travel wedding? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Dorothy Berry-Lound

    Some great tips here for a DIY wedding!

  • Clearissa Coward

    Love, love these projects. So creative. I especially love the cards box and the DIY signs. I have already thought of other uses for them. Like birthday parties or showers for the boxes and any type of party or even a dinner party for the signs. Love them. So very creative and beautifully done.

    • Reply

      I agree Clearissa! The fact you can reuse the items would be a bonus. It’s also one of those things you could sell on the bridal resale sites on FB. I’m always down for keeping weddings eco-friendly.

  • Vanessa

    Aww i love everything about this wedding. Simply elegant. Great work.

  • Lee

    What an amazing wedding and I can’t get over how elegant the DIY is! So chic.

  • celeste wright

    All of these details are simply stunning! I love the little succulents. That’s such a great gift to give guests to any event.

  • Mila Clarke Buckley

    Everytime I look at these posts it makes me want to plan a second wedding (to the same guy of course!)

  • Reply

    I absolutely love the idea of using postcards as a guest book. That is so creative!

    • Reply

      You never tend to look at your guestbook again if it’s just a sign in. Love all the creative ways you can actually make art out of your book.

  • Mimi

    I can’t believe this was DIY. It was SO elegant and beautiful! Wow.

  • Jenni LeBaron

    Some really fantastic DIY tips in this post. I love that they were able to do so much of it themselves and it still looks so chic. I also really love the earthy color palette that they chose!

  • Lori Riddle

    Weddings can be so expensive. I love these diy ideas, they’re all beautiful!

  • Glenda

    This is soooo cute! I love everything DIY!

  • Reply

    Okay I’m going to go ahead and copy like ALL of these ideas when I get married! Love!

  • Ashley

    I love a great story! Great tips and beautiful photos!

  • Marissa

    This is SO cute! I got married and then fell in love with traveling on our honeymoon to Europe, otherwise I would have totally done this theme.

    • Reply

      My sister did a travel theme because her husband is air force and they traveled all over Europe when they lived there. It was super cute.

  • Patricia

    I love all these beautiful details!! What a gorgeous wedding!!

  • Rhonda

    This is so cute!! We decided to forego the wedding, but when we were initially planning we wanted everything DIY lol Beautiful wedding!!!

  • karen

    how beautiful. im planning my wedding right now and i love the personalized details

  • Karen

    I am so in love with your motif! I never thought of travel wedding theme. This one seems like a great idea, and good job pulling it off. It’s reaaaaally amazing and inspiring.

  • Claire Ady

    I love this! I especially like the infographic – informative and cute! I like the national parks postcards, too. I love the style of the artwork.

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