Why a Luncheon Is The Perfect Bridesmaid Reveal Celebration

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Every bride wants to share in the excitement of their engagement with their bridesmaids. So naturally, bride Amanda wanted to plan a perfect bridesmaid reveal luncheon. She chose her beautiful backyard patio full of natural light and well-groomed greenery as the setting.

Why a luncheon is the perfect bridesmaid reveal celebration. Tea party theme.

Tea Party Theme

With an eye for detail and great taste, the tea party theme was a welcomed way to celebrate. Amanda trusted Bleudog Floral to handle all the vintage inspired floral arrangements. Her vision involved a very eclectic and unique combination of blooms.

Luncheon bridesmaid reveal cup of tea sign.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal water pitcher and flowers tablescape.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal water pitcher and flowers tablescape.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal flowers.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Flower centerpiece.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Bride pouring tea.


Lily Oliver Vintage Rentals handled all of the beautiful tableware and accessories. Starting the tablescape was vintage china and silver pitchers used as receptacles for the florals as well as chilled water. The Mother and daughter team carefully layered each dish and goblet to create a wonderful blend of colors and textures. Creating an amazing tablescape as the backdrop for the day.

Luncheon bridesmaid reveal table settings.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Vintage china.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal table setting water pitcher with flowers.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Flower centerpiece.

Bridesmaid Reveal Gifts

Bride Amanda prepared a hand selected box full of personalized goodies for each of her friends. A beautiful touch included hand-drawn cards by the ever talented Electric Eunice Calligraphy. Additionally, Eunice hand drew and painted many of the pretty details shown in the images. The afternoon was full of fun crafts for the attendees.

Luncheon bridesmaid reveal cake sign.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal gift box.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal gift box.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Champagne.

Crafts and Keepsakes

First Shawna, the owner of Bleudog Floral, taught the group how to make their own personal flower crowns. Then another group activity included decorating sunglasses. Additionally, there was a Polaroid handy to make a cute book of photographs as a keepsake. Bleudog Fotography was on hand from start to finish to capture every moment. From tea time to champagne sipping and yummy macaroons for dessert.

Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Flower crowns.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Flower crowns.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Polaroid.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Polaroid guest book.

Laughs All Around

Nothing beats laughing with your girlfriends! A bridesmaid reveal makes for a splendid day. It’s a day to share the celebration of your love with the women closest to you. Catch up, craft, sip champagne. I think we can all say cheers to that!

Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Flower crowns.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Flower crowns.
Luncheon bridesmaid reveal. Bride and bridesmaids.

Photographer Bleudog Fotography |  Tableware Lily Oliver Vintage Rentals  |  Florist Bleudog Floral  |  Calligraphy Electric Eunice

What do you think of this luncheon bridesmaid reveal? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Misty D Eilar

    This is such a fun idea on getting to surprise your bridesmaid choices. I also love that it is a tea party!


    Beautiful decorations ♡ I love the personalised gifts.

  • Belle

    Looks like a fun even! The setup is gorgeous!

  • Leigh Suznovich

    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous luncheon and celebration! I love everything about it.

  • Abbi

    This is so beautiful! I love the flower crowns!

  • Jessica

    Wow, what a beautiful day. I loved the decor and the fact that it was a luncheon. You don’t have to wait until the evenings necessarily.

  • Claire Ady

    any excuse to meet up with my girls for lunch is fine with me

  • Dawn @ Our Food Fix

    This is such a gorgeous set up! Looks like you put so much love and care into it and made it really special 🙂

  • Amanda

    Aww, this is such a beautiful and lovely way to celebrate all of the important women in your life.

  • Marina

    Everything looks so perfect. Sure you had a great time x

  • Jenni LeBaron

    My favorite component of this table setting is the mixed glassware. I love that there are neutral colors mixed throughout to help enhance the overall theme. Beautiful!

    • Reply

      The mixed glassware trend is one of my favorites. Neutral colors are always good for blending vibrant colors and making it feel light and airy.

  • Rachel

    This is so pretty! I love the flowers. I didn’t do anything even close to this elaborate. I may have actually just sent a text.

  • Julie

    The whole table is just gorgeous! Stunning! Love the flowers in the vases, the plates, the whole tea party theme. How fun!!!

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