Beautiful Bridal Fashion: Getting Your Look Just Right

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There are few things that are more exciting than planning a wedding. And one of the most important aspects is looking and feeling your best on the big day. If you’re thinking about bridal fashion, here are some tips to help you get your look just right.

Bridal Fashion from dress to jewelry to shoes. For the bride who wants to get her wedding day look just right.

Bridal Fashion: The Dress

There is no other logical place to start when talking about your bridal look. Most women look forward to the day when we walk into a bridal boutique to try on stunning gowns. It’s natural to want that once in a lifetime moment of finding the dress of your dreams.

Don’t panic if this doesn’t happen in the first store. Try and be open-minded, and try on a range of styles. What you think you want and what you end up with may be worlds apart. Dresses look very different on a hanger compared to the page of a glossy magazine.

Bottom line: choose a dress that you love. By all means, take people with you to share their opinions. It’s part of the fun! But focus on finding the gown that makes you feel confident and special. If you have a short list, go home and take some time to think about your options. You can come back to try the dresses on again.

Bridal Fashion. Bride in Wedding Dress at Bridal Shop.

Bridal Fashion: The Jewels

Most brides wear jewelry on their wedding day. If you plan to buy or borrow jewels, think about what compliments your dress, and the jewelry you already have. If you’re engaged, but you haven’t bought a ring yet, you could look at celebrity engagement rings for inspiration. Or simply take a tour of the stores and see what catches your eye.

It’s always a good idea to try rings on, as they may look different on your hand to how they do in a box in the window. If you’ve already got your engagement ring, make sure to choose a wedding band style that matches your ring. For example, if you have a large stone or a ring with several gems, you may opt for a simple band. On the other hand, you might want to go for a glamorous embellished band for a wow look. It’s a good idea to try different rings, and see what you think looks best.

Bridal Fashion. Diamond Earrings.

Bridal Fashion: The Accessories

The next step is to think about accessories that will showcase your dress in the best light. Consider the shape, neckline, and style of your dress. If you’ve got a high neck, you may be better going for a bracelet or earrings, rather than a necklace. If you’ve got a very ornate gown, less is probably more when it comes to accessories. In contrast, for a simple style, you could create a unique look with a statement collar or some drop earrings. Try different pieces on with your dress before you make a decision.


Bridal Fashion: The Shoes

We’re all different, and some people are much more concerned about their wedding shoes than others. If you’ve got a long dress with a train, it’s unlikely that you’ll see the shoes. So it’s entirely your decision whether you want to spend a lot of money or opt for comfort and save. However, if your dress is short, and your shoes show, you want to make sure that they look perfect. You could opt for a classic design or go for something a little bold and out there. Showcase your personality, try different options with your dress, and go for the look you love.

Bridal Fashion Wedding Day Shoes.

Are you on a mission to look perfect on your wedding day? If so, celebrate your individual style, try different accessories and dresses, and go with your heart. Then have your girls check out this article on Getting Your Bridesmaid Look Just Right!

What do you think of these bridal fashion selection tips? Share with us in the comments.

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Showing 26 comments
  • Raina

    Great tips! I ended up finding my dress in a store where there were very limited dresses in my budget. It’s still my favourite thing ever, 7 years later!

  • Amber Battishill

    So many gorgeous looks and accessories! Everything has changed so much since I got married (9 years ago). I wish we had these styles when I was getting married.

    • Reply

      I totally get that. I was married 4 years ago and even since then styles have changed. It’s best to go for a classic look if you want it to be timeless.

  • kara

    I’m getting married in September and this is SO helpful! I think the toughest part for me has been the accessories!

    • Reply

      Congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding! My advice is to choose what works best for your dress. If there is a lot of beading on your dress go for smaller earrings. If your dress is simple, jewelry can really enhance it!

  • Becca Wilson

    That dress is absolutely stunning. The earrings that you have chosen absolutely compliment the look!

  • Candice

    Wish I had this before my wedding! What a great post and beautiful pics!

  • janna

    My sister is getting married next May, this will be a great resource for her!

  • Jenni LeBaron

    Those peekaboo blue shoes are so cute! I love something fun like this so signify the “something blue.”

  • Caitlin Golder

    Gorgeous shots my love! Loving this post xxx

  • Julie A

    I so agree! The style I thought I wanted completely evolved as I tried on dresses. The one I ultimately fell for was far from what I had first envisioned. Wishing a happy day to all the future brides here!

  • Leigh Suznovich

    Love this! Makes me want to get married all over again :-). Picking out the dress and accessories was so fun.

  • Justine @ Little Dove

    I love what you said about just choosing the dress that you love! So true! When my mom first saw my dress on the rack she did NOT like it at all, but after I tried it on she feel as in love with it as I was!

    • Reply

      My mom and I both picked out a dress we liked on the rack and hated them on me. The sales associate actually picked my dress. When she showed it to me I didn’t even want to try it on. Then it ended up being the one.

  • Maegan

    I love your blog! My family has five girls and one sister-in-law so far, and helping to plan all of the weddings has been so much fun! I wish I’d had a post like this to read when I got married 11 years ago.

  • Marcie

    I love that you encourage people to try on all styles of dresses. Sometimes we forget that our bodies might look stunning in styles we don’t normally wear. And yes to bling bling jewelry!

    • Reply

      I don’t wear jewelry on a daily basis. Never really been into it. So for me, I was happy I found a dress that didn’t require a lot of jewelry because of all it’s detailing. I wore a bracelet and earrings only. When it comes to trying on different styles, the magazines don’t say “this dress looks best on this body type” so you have a little bit of trial and error there.

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