Watches and More Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love

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As a bride, it’s important to acknowledge those who have agreed to go on the journey of preparing for your marriage. The wedding is the culmination of the planning process for the big party, but the marriage is for the rest of your life. When you pick bridesmaids, these are people who are agreeing to be a support system for you and your husband. Plus, they’re agreeing to do the dirty work of helping you get ready for the big day. As a result, it’s so important to honor their presence and friendship in a tangible way. There are a few creative gifts, including watches, you can present to your bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding.

Watches and Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love

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1. Jewelry / Watches

There are very few women who will turn down a beautiful piece of jewelry. Take a look at the style of each of your bridesmaids. Pick out pieces that reflect them. If you have a friend who doesn’t have her ears pierced, earrings will be a terrible gift. However maybe one bridesmaid adores statement necklaces, pick one she’d love. Or for a bridesmaid who collects watches, find the best deals on Luminox Watches on the company’s website.

Luminox Watches and Other Gift Ideas

2. Customized Robes

Customized robes are really easy to create and they are incredibly luxurious. Go on to a site like Amazon and find a bunch of plain silk robes. Certain colors like silver, white and gold will look extremely posh. Once you receive the robes in the mail, find a local embroiderer who is willing to place the bridesmaid’s name on the back of the robe. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s custom-made for each woman in your life. Do your research to find an embroiderer that fits your budget.

3. Gift Baskets

You can make your own gift baskets with tons of goodies. Fill the gift baskets with a variety of items. In the beauty department, consider adding a fun lip gloss or lipstick and a few shades of nail polish. Consider purchasing a really awesome inspirational book and a few DVDs as well. Most ladies love snacks so throw in a few pieces of toffee and chocolate. Add a few bags of chips and popcorn as well. Cover the basket with tulle and a large bow for a stunning presentation.

Chocolates in a Gift Basket

4. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are really easy to purchase, pick up and package. You can purchase gift cards for iTunes, Forever 21, Macy’s and Sephora. There’s a gift card for almost any store you can think of. Think of the bridesmaid and which store she likes the most. Once you know, surprise her with a shopping spree through the gift card!

For more great gift ideas, be sure to check out the My Gift Stop website.

What do you think of watches as a bridesmaid gift? Share with us in the comments.

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  • candy

    Sure all those women who are willing to stand up with you on your special day would love to receive a watch or anything else given to them. Special honor for them and you.

    • Reply

      You’re right Candy. The bridesmaids will appreciate anything you get them really just as long as they know you’re thinking about them.

  • Marilyn Blanco

    These certainly are lovely and thoughtful ideas! Would´ve loved to have them around when I got married!

  • Vicky

    Very nice gift idea. I love the watch idea.

  • Amber Battishill

    Love these ideas! I totally would love a robe like that, plus you could have some super cute getting ready pics in them!

  • Aditi Wardhan Singh

    These so sooo gorgeous and the pics are just to die for .. Love it

  • Amanda Martin

    Love all of these ideas! I gave my bridesmaids an initial necklace (and of course got one for myself, too).

  • Bianca

    I love that you said to think of each bridesmaids style and pick a gift that reflects them. Such good advice!

  • Claire Ady

    I received jewelry as a gift when I was a bridesmaid, and the bride had the same as me, so when we wear it we’re reminded of what we shared.

  • Belle

    These are such great ideas! Will be sharing this with friends who are getting married soon.

  • Reply

    I gave my bridesmaids these little bracelets from Tiffany’s they were so cute! We did those for the mothers too.

  • Leigh Suznovich

    Love these ideas, I did the personalized robes for my bridesmaids and we all wore them while we got ready. They were comfortable, worked well for getting our hair done and made for cute photos!

  • Meg

    These are all really thoughtful ideas. My best friend gifted us all our necklaces that we wore for the wedding…practical because it meant we all matched, but it was nice that we could wear it again later!

  • Jessi

    Love all of your ideas!! I got my bridesmaids pretty earrings to wear on the big day and a personalized hanger for their dresses.

  • Tanya Viljoen

    Nice post Theresa! When I was a bridesmaid, we have received a custom made / hand made silk robe with lace embellishments. A robe truly is one of the better gifts for bridesmaids, because it can be used afterwards.

  • Cori - Sweet Coralice

    Yes!!! I’m all for gift baskets full of goodies 😉

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