Why Sleep is Important for a Stress Free Wedding Day

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If you are stressed about wedding details and unable to sleep the night before, you are in good company. A survey of 500 engaged and newlywed couples showed that 96% of couples worry about wedding planning. Many couples even ranked wedding planning as more stress-inducing than finding a job. Take a deep breath. The stress is real, but there are ways to let go.

Why Sleep is Important for a Stress Free Wedding Day. Tips for Getting a Restful Nights sleep Before Your Big Day.

One way to handle the stress is to get a full seven to 8 hours sleep before your wedding ceremony. It may sound challenging because those worries bounce around your head all night. However, sleep and stress are a vicious cycle.

If you are sleep-deprived on your wedding day, you’re more likely to feel anxious. Of course, if you feel stressed, it’s also hard to get the sleep you need the previous night. Luckily, there are many ways to convince your body to sleep well on the night before your wedding.

Get Those Worries on Paper

To rid yourself of those pre-wedding jitters or floral arrangement worries, try to write down your thoughts before bed. Your thoughts and worries may be a long list of to-dos on the big day. Or a detailed graphic of what relatives are not allowed to interact with one another. It might even be a confession of your concerns about your spouse. The purpose of writing it down is to enable yourself to let go of these feelings for a few hours sleep.

Write Down Your Thoughts to Help You Sleep Before Your Wedding Day.

Build Your Sanctuary

During your wedding day, it’s going to be impossible to get away and fully relax. This can be especially difficult for more introverted couples. Make sure that you can recharge the previous night and de-stress by hiding in your sleep sanctuary. Your sleep getaway should have a few essential elements: a soft mattress that envelops your tired body, dark curtains to block out the sun or light pollution, and a cool temperature to allow you to sleep more soundly.

Get Some Exercise

Sneaking out to the gym may seem like an inappropriate thing to do before your rehearsal dinner. However, working up a sweat would give you a quick boost of endorphins. Bring your partner with you to exercise if you want to grab a few moments alone before the activities commence. Even a quick walk outside can help orient your sleep cycle with a dose of sunshine. Being physically tired on the night before your wedding will make it easier to slip into sleep at the right time.

Take a walk to exercise and help get sleep before your wedding day.

Eat Light at the Wedding Rehearsal

A big meal the night before your big day can make you feel bloated and too uncomfortable to sleep. Acid reflux can also keep you awake longer than you want. Avoiding caffeine at the dinner will also help your body prepare for sleep.

Limit your drinking to one or two glasses, especially if you are eating light. Keep an eye that your bridal party doesn’t drink too much as well.  You don’t want to have to deal with some of these wedding day horror stories.

Bottom Line: Sleep Reduces Stress

If you’re still not convinced that sleep will help you enjoy your wedding, remember rest does more than reduce stress. Brides that sleep well look more radiant. A study showed that sleep-deprived people looked less attractive than when they had enough sleep.

Rest also helps with emotional regulation. You can cry at the ceremony and still move on to laughing with the bridesmaids at the reception. Taking some small steps to sleep well the night before can make your celebration even more memorable.

Samantha (Sam) Kent is a researcher for SleepHelp.org. Her favorite writing topic is how getting enough sleep can improve your life. Currently residing in Boise, Idaho, she sleeps in a California King bed, often with a cat on her face.  

What do you think of tips for sleep before the wedding? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Aditi

    Sleep is so important for everything. This is such a great post for all brides out there.

  • Brittney Ward

    This post is full of so much vital information! I tell my brides this before every single wedding. Don’t stay up the night before stressing or partying. Get your beauty sleep and be fully ready and refreshed for your big day!

    • Reply

      I’ve made the mistake of drinking or staying up a little too late when I was a bridesmaid. It makes for an interesting wedding day. Luckily everything still went great 🙂

  • Gemille Sleweon

    I’ve never been married, but ive seen how stressful weddings can be. Lack of sleep is detrimental to our lives. It’s important that we all get the rest we need to be in tip top shape for the day.

  • Reply

    Sleep is so important, weddings can be stressful. You don’t want to add a restless night to an already crazy day 🙂

    • Reply

      The night before my wedding I kicked everyone out of my room at 11pm. Then I couldn’t get my brain to quiet down. I actually wrote my letter to my husband for our first look. I think I finally fell asleep at midnight. Thankfully we didn’t have to be up super early so I woke up around 9am.

  • Tanvi

    You are so right. Sleep is so important – no matter what! People often underestimate the power of getting enough sleep.

  • Michelle

    Great tips! I really struggled to sleep in the two weeks leading up to the wedding but fortunately, by the night before, I felt really organised and I think having a busy day helped me slip into sleep almost immidately. I was very surprised by how well I managed to sleep. So, I would say that Brides could also try to get all last minute prep done the day before (if possible) – hopefully, it will tire you out and knowing its all done will leave nothing to stress over.

    • Reply

      If you feel prepared for the day it will certainly help you sleep! I was so lucky to have an amazing wedding planner that took care of everything for me in the weeks and months leading up. I was still totally hands on but 2 weeks prior I just let it go and she took care of it all. That helped me sleep!

  • Claire

    great advice. it’s difficult for many to do before their wedding, so yours are great tips on how to make it happen

  • Heather

    I’m single as a Pringle, but I’ll still use some of these tips because I often have trouble sleeping!

  • Lesliw

    My poor husband got pretty much NO sleep the night before our wedding, and he still gripes about it. So yes, sleep the night before the big day is huge. Sleep everyday is important, really.

    • Reply

      Sucks to hear your hubby didn’t sleep well. It’s hard too if you’re having a destination wedding and your guests are in the night before. My sisters and cousins hung out later than I did. I was glad I got the rest though.

  • Sarah

    I didn’t sleep at all the night before so can say -yes! It is very important. Thankfully the adrenaline got me through.

  • Belle

    I agree! Sleep is absolutely important on any given day, especially on your wedding day. If I don’t get enough sleep, I end up being grumpy the whole day.

    • Reply

      Oh I feel you on that one Belle. Lack of sleep is a big trigger for grumpiness, especially if I have a lot on my plate. I’m working so hard to get on a good sleep schedule.

  • Lee

    Yes! Sleep is important for any big day to ensure stress levels are low. Great post.

  • Colleen, O'Neil Events

    LOVE these tips! Could be used for any big event! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lisa

    I was worried about not being able to sleep the night before the wedding, but then I drank far too much and that solved the problem! (I don’t recommend this!!!) ?

    • Reply

      I did that the night before my sister’s wedding. I woke up and was like, oh my gosh why did I do that! Hahaha. Thankfully adrenaline took over and it was a wonderful day. No hangover after drinking lots of water and taking Aleve.

  • Claire

    Great tips for a good night rest just before the most important day for the bride-to-be 🙂

  • Amy

    It is so important!! I was so exhausted the day before my wedding that I almost passed out. Definitely get your sleep!

  • Amanda Martin

    I’m a big believer in getting enough sleep – it makes me feel healthier all around! I made sure to squeeze a workout in on my rehearsal dinner day. Hubs even worked out on the wedding day with his groomsmen!

  • Jenny Yang

    such an informative post! i think some people forget how important sleep is at times!
    xx Jen

  • Cat Ekkelboom-White

    Great post! Wedding jitters are enough without being sleep deprived as well. Wedding days are so long, you definitely need to go into them feeling well rested.

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