3 Reasons Why Keeping Your Wedding Guests in Mind is Important

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It’s easy to be thinking only about you and your partner when planning a wedding, which is fair enough. This is your special day, and there’s absolutely no reason why all eyes shouldn’t be on you. The guests that you’re inviting are turning up to celebrate your wedding. Still, it is important that you think of them when you’re making your plans. Even the finer little details will determine the amount of fun your guests have on your day. The last thing you want is for your guests to be wishing they were somewhere else other than your wedding. So, here are a few ways you should be thinking of your wedding guests when planning.

Keep your wedding guests in mind when making wedding planning decisions.

Seating Arrangements

You want to try and sit people by other people they know and who they get along with. Not everyone will know each other when it comes to a wedding, so you need to think about this diplomatically. You’ve also got to factor in who doesn’t like who and make sure you’re not sitting those people next to each other either. It might be a wedding, but that doesn’t always mean everyone will behave. Especially if it is a family feud that is going on.

Make sure everyone is as happy as possible and it’ll help to make the day run so much more smoothly. If you can, combine two lots of different people per table to get people mingling with people they wouldn’t usually do. It’ll help to create more of a fun atmosphere.

Seating Arrangement for Wedding Guests.

Entertainment and Food

Your guests really do matter when it comes to the entertainment and the food. For one, you want to make sure they’re having fun and dancing all night. Make sure you do your research to find a DJ that lives up to the task. Even more important is the food, because we guarantee you’ll have a few fussy eaters to contend with. Ask all of your guests if they have any dietary requirements before they come. This will allow the caterers to produce a wonderful menu that is going to be suitable for everyone.

Entertain your wedding guests.

After It’s All Over

Once the whirlwind of your wedding is over, you and your wedding guests will have a lot of emotions to take in. You’ll be happy the stress of it is all over and that you’re finally married. Yet you might feel sad that you’ll most likely never be able to do it all again. Your wedding guests will feel some of the same emotions. So it’s important that you thank them for attending your wedding.

You can get great personalized wedding thank you cards on the internet. Make them feel extra special by adding in a little gift that will remind them of the night they had. Your guests are what make your wedding so amazing and fun. Let them know you appreciated that they managed to attend.

These simple steps will help your wedding guests be happy and feel catered to on your wedding day. Even though you’ll be the main event, it is always important to think of the people around you.

What do you think of these tips? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Kate Haas

    This is so true. Even though the day is about the wedding, the bride and groom can’t forget that the reception is a party that they are the hosts. The best weddings are the ones where they have thought about the enjoyment of their guests – fun atmosphere, great DJ, etc. I was at a wedding a couple of years ago that had a photo booth and candy table. Definitely a memorable night for everyone!

    • Reply

      I love that there are wedding activities now more than ever. Photo booths, flower walls, vintage furniture, candy bars, cookie tables, lawn games! The list goes on and on. It really is a way for the couple AND the guests to have a good time.

  • Jen

    Wonderful tips! I am far removed from days of planning a wedding but when I did, I really wanted my guests to feel like coming to the wedding was worth it and about them as much as my marriage.

  • Karen

    Loved this article, my close friend just got engaged, sending this to her!

  • Amber

    Seating arrangement is important for sure! I have to say I dislike weddings that have no seating arrangement at all…. I somehow always get stuck in a corner lol.

  • JLyn

    Good article! We kept our wedding simple and tried to make it enjoyable for everyone who was there. We had so many compliments, it made us feel good that everyone enjoyed our special day, too.

    • Reply

      It’s always a great feeling when the guests tell you how much they enjoyed themselves. We had a few people tell us it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. Our dance floor was packed all night!

  • Michelle

    Really good advice. It’s okay to focus on yourself and fiance for the majority of decisions but there are areas where your guests needs take preference!

  • Arielle

    This post is so relevant for me! I’m recently engaged and finally about to start planning the wedding. We want to take our guests into consideration and seating is certainly an important one to remember

    • Reply

      Congrats on your engagement Arielle! I am glad you found this helpful. There are lot of articles on my site that may be of interest to you. Let me know if you need any help 🙂

  • steph

    Great tips. When planning our wedding I just wanted it to be fun for all the people we love, who supported us as a couple.

  • Tabbie

    We opted for the “sit where you like” approach for our guests and it worked well.

  • Jenni LeBaron

    I think thank you cards are a nice touch. It’s so rare that they are sent these days but I think it’s a classy move!

  • Kristeena

    Officially saving this post! I totally agree that seating is important for the overall good vibes! I want everyone to have a good time 🙂

  • Christina

    Great info! This is definitely going to help out, and wedding season is right around the corner!

  • Jen Morrow

    I love these tips! Why bother throwing a big party, unless everyone can enjoy themselves?!?

  • AEW

    Can we please get past the booze and dancing. Trite. How about some fun activities.
    Hay Rides. Pool Party. Bowling. Airplane Rides. Crayola Factory. Bouncy House.
    Lawn Games. Sitting and visiting without screaming over a DJ.
    The biggest complaint I hear from wedding guests is that the music overwhelms
    everything else. Be outside the box!

    • Reply

      I get it. It’s not all about booze and dancing. Older guests do generally complain about the loud music. I’m not sure how to incorporate some your mentioned activities like airplane rides and pool parties. I do think that going for something new and fun like lawn games, a hayride, or bouncy house would surely be interesting.

  • Colleen, O'Neil Events

    This is great! You want all of your guest to have a great time!

  • Misty Eilar

    The tips are great to keep in mind. Especially when it comes to food. I also say buy extra just in case people don’t listen and rsvp or end up bringing someone they didn’t originally list.

  • Ingrid

    What a unique perspective!! I agree that brides should remember the wedding day is not all about them. I also agree that this perspective should be reelected in the choice of food, seating arrangements and entertainment as you are creating a memorable day for yourself but for others too. This post gives occasion for reflection

    • Reply

      Thank you Ingrid! A lot goes into planning a wedding. Sometimes taking a step back and considering others helps in your decision making.

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