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Who doesn’t love great skin? I mean, I sure do. But in a sea of beauty products, it’s hard to know which ones to choose. I’ve bought dozens of different things to try in the last decade. Throughout my 20’s and early 30’s I never had a set skincare routine. Mostly because I was blessed with great skin, minus a little dryness. Flash forward to almost 35 and well, everything changes!

The best skincare line with natural ingredients. Perfect for prepping great skin on your wedding day.


I met Karen Young of EVER in the most new age way possible, through Instagram. She contacted me and asked if I’d like to receive a complimentary skincare kit in return for my honest feedback. Ummm, hello, who doesn’t like free stuff right? (And I’m always willing to give my honest opinion!) She even decided to include a full-size version of the lavish ultra rich body butter. Seriously so lucky she sent that because it is a gift of Gods!

So I asked Karen if she’d share her journey with EVER and more on her favorite products. I to chime in on the ones I like best so far. Trust me, if you haven’t discovered this skincare line you want to read on.

About Karen

Hi, I’m Karen Young –  mom, wife, EVER Independent Business Owner.  Transplanted Californian loving life in Texas.  Passionate about great skin and good ingredients in food and products I use.  Former corporate marketing executive and parent school volunteer. Now at a point in my life where good genes are needing a boost of amazing ingredients to age gracefully.

I was a happy EVER (part of the Stella & Dot family of brands) customer for about a year. I joined the team initially for the discount. EVER’s focus on clean conscious beauty while fighting the ten visible signs of aging was something I was the beneficiary of and I was hooked! After using the products, the change in my skin and confidence from that must have shown. I was continually asked what I was doing differently.  Just using EVER. Last May I began to share the products and grow a business.

What makes EVER great skin care…

Results and Ingredients.  Finding a list of clean skin care products is easy but noticeable results don’t always follow. I wanted both, results and good for you ingredients, I found them in EVER.

Our products are clinical grade, which means we use efficacious ingredients at the levels needed to deliver and sustain results. All our products have been dermatologist tested, and we never test on animals. EVER delivers results while delivering a luxurious product.

Best Decisions EVER for Great Skin Care.

Favorite products…

Karen Says: Our Allure Best of Beauty Award winners! Lavish Body Butter (2017) and Reveal Peel Pads (2015 & 2016). They are also excellent “how do you do’s” to first time EVER users.

Theresa Says: Lavish Body Butter (see more below) and Rebalance Gentle Purifying Cleanser. I really hate washing my face because I don’t like the dried out feeling some cleansers leave. Plus even after a few weeks, I don’t always feel I’m seeing any results. That is not the case with Rebalance. A little goes a long way with this soap, and results happen in days. I feel really refreshed after I wash my face and I’m seeing a major difference in my skin. Bye, bye blackheads!

Let’s talk about Lavish…

Theresa Says: OMGosh how is it possible for a lotion to smell this good!? I mean okay, other brands have nice smells, but this one actually gets the job done. It is rich, creamy, goes on smooth, and it’s oily. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated.

Karen Says: It’s a proprietary Superfruit Complex with a blend of anti-oxidants. How my family uses Lavish is what is remarkable. For me the skin tightening properties especially on my knees, elbows, and neck are noteworthy. A true desert island item!

EVER Lavish Body Butter for Great Skin

Starter Kits

I sent Theresa our Mini Regimen, travel size version of our daily regimen kit. The regimen is a four-step system: cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize for AM/PM. There are three core products of our regimen: Allure Winner Reveal Peel Pads, Youthful Quatro Peptide Face and Eye Serum &  HYDRALIFT Moisture Injection Cream.

The Mini Regimen is designed to last 10 to 14 days. Our full-size regimen is projected to last an average of 60 days. There are alternative selections for the full-size kit based on skin type. One alternate choice is Luminous. It’s a balm that melts into a cleansing oil and wipes off with a warm washcloth. It removes makeup and dirt while delivering extra moisture.

Regimen Kit from EVER for Great Skin.

Theresa Says: I’m honestly in love with EVER products. I have very sensitive skin so for me to find something I like is amazing. The fact that I’m seeing results and I can trust the ingredients is a win. Plus, all Ever products have a 45-day, money back guarantee.

What are your favorite products for great skin? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    I’ve never heard of this line before, but it sounds so good! Love when great products smell lovely, too!

  • Lori Geurin

    I haven’t ever tried the Ever skincare brand before but would love to now! I’m always looking for more natural products for our family. I think I’ll start with the Ultra Rich Body Butter. It looks so creamy!

  • Kim @ Berly's Kitchen

    I’m the absolute worst at sticking to a skincare routine. I’ve never heard of these products, but they sound great. I really need to get back on track and give these a try!

  • Ayanna @ 21FlavorsofSplendor

    These products sound great! I recently started focusing more on my skincare and searching for products I will love. So I will have to check the Ever products out.

    • Reply

      You will love them Ayanna! At 34 I’m realizing that what I put on my skin is just as important as what I’m eating. Trying to keep it all natural.

    • Karen

      Happy to send you samples to try. Know all products have bottom of jar 45 money back guarantee!

  • nicole

    Oh wow! This sounds amazing! I’ve never heard of EVER either, but I’d love to try it!

  • Corretta

    Thanks for introducing me to ever! I am always on the lookout for good skincare products!

  • Michelle

    These products definitely sound like they are worth checking out! Do you know if they are available in the UK?

    • Karen

      Michelle – unfortunately Ever is just in the US, for now. Thanks for your interest!

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