The Simple Guide To The Perfect Wedding Venue

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Amidst all of the chaos of trying to plan a wedding, it can be hard to know where to start. You must figure out what is worth paying attention to and what you can put aside until later. Sure, there are things you’re certainly going to focus on like the dress and the rings. Well, there’s one other thing that you need to give your full attention as early as possible: the wedding venue.

The Simple Guide to the Perfect Wedding Venue.

The right venue really can make or break a wedding. Finding the perfect wedding venue can be a much bigger challenge than many people assume. With that in mind, here is a simple list of some of the things that you need to consider when choosing a venue for your wedding.

Wedding Venue Style

The style of your wedding is something that’s incredibly personal. You want your wedding to reflect the personalities and passions of both you and your partner. Which means that you need a wedding venue that reflects these things as well. If you’re going for an ultra-chic, modern wedding, then you want a venue that fits that style. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more high-class, then you might find your perfect venue here. Either way, the key is to think about the style you want and pick a wedding venue that supports it

Wedding Venue Size

Whoever said “bigger is always better” clearly has never tried to pick a wedding venue. The truth is, the size of your venue depends on the size of your wedding. If you’ve got a huge gathering of family and friends, you need to find a sizeable space. Trying to pack your guests into a small venue makes seating charts a headache. Especially if your guest count is close to the venues maximum occupancy. For safety reasons, the wedding venue might not be able to accommodate you. By the same token, an intimate family gathering in a giant hall can feel strange, empty, and kind of underwhelming. A bigger venue really isn’t worth it if you’re not going to use it to its fullest potential.

Large Wedding Venue.

Your Budget

Of course style and space are important, but your budget is the most important and probably limiting factor. You might find the perfect wedding venue, but it’s completely out of your price range. If that happens, don’t despair! At least it gives you an idea of what to look for going forward. If you really can’t find anywhere as good, you could always make a few cutbacks elsewhere. Look at other wedding details and remove those that aren’t quite as important to you.

There are a lot of compromises that you will probably have to make for your wedding. Most of the time these will be little things. It’s important to remember that the wedding venue is really the foundation of all your planning efforts. It really isn’t something that you should compromise on. Once you find the perfect venue, find out what you need to do in order to secure your date!

What do you think of these venue tips? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Bianca Nichole

    The venue size can be so important. My fiancé has a large family and our guest list quickly reached 250+ so that eliminated some of the venues we could use. You don’t want to fall in love with the style and look of a venue but then realize they aren’t able to hold all of your guests. Great tips Theresa!

  • Jen Morrow

    Great tips! Venue is so important, and a huge chunk of the budget.

    • Reply

      For us it was the biggest chunk of our budget. We didn’t have to pay for the room, but we paid for the venue to cater it so you know the fee was rolled in there somewhere.

  • Annette Dattilo

    Very valid points. I can only imagine how strange it would be in a large venue with a small crowd.

    • Reply

      I’ve been to a few weddings that the space allotted didn’t fit the guest count. Once the space was too small and they tried to put too many things in that made it feel crowded. It happens when you try to have a photo booth, DJ, cake table, etc and run out of room. It’s something to keep in mind for sure.

  • D at Be you and thrive

    I think venue size and style that fits in the budget all make great sense for decision making! So many decisions as a bride and this helps cut to the priority for this one!

    • Reply

      The venue really shapes the entire wedding. I almost bought my dress before getting the venue and that would’ve been a disaster. Knowing my venue helped me choose a gown that was fitting of my overall theme.

  • Jolene

    Great tips! I have friends currently planning their weddings and I’ll definitely pass this information along to them!

  • Lindsey

    You have laid out an easy plan for selecting a venue. I think, the key is not having your heart so set on one thing that you can’t see other beautiful possibilities if your original plan doesn’t work.

    • Reply

      Keeping your options open is very important. The best venues go quickly, so you don’t want to have your heart broken if it doesn’t work out with your date.

  • Amanda

    Great tips. I wish I had this guide when I was planning my wedding years ago!

  • Karen

    These are fabulous tips, I am going to share with my best friend who just got engaged!

  • Catherine

    It’s been so long so long since I picked a wedding venue, but this is a great list of things for brides to consider.

  • Amber

    Great tips! My brother just got married and they looked forever for a venue that fit them but ended up getting married in someones backyard- they totally remodeled everything for them- and it was surprisingly gorgeous. But yea, it really is all about personal taste and budget and being decisive.

    • Reply

      I always thought I wanted to get married in my backyard. Then I realized how much work it is to do all that. It would actually be cheaper to go to a venue for the number of guests. You need to rent port-a-potties for 80+ guest count. I wasn’t down for all that. It sounds awesome that someone remodeled their backyard for your brother’s wedding!

  • Jazz

    Thank you for these tips! Pinning for all my bride-to-be friends.

  • Mama to 6 Blessings

    My husband and I eloped. No regrets but if we ever renewed our vowels I would love a beautiful venue and lots of guests.

  • Harmony, Momma To Go

    I was so lucky for my wedding because my family belonged to a private golf club where basically you design your party however you want. It was amazing! I didnt have to look at venues, which was so nice. Of course still had to figure out all the other vendors!

  • Leigh Suznovich

    These are such great tips! We knew right away our venue was the right one because of the decor, size, price and food. It was a hard search but worth it.

    • Reply

      I felt like I couldn’t find the right venue forever. I was new to the area we lived in and it was stressful. I can’t remember how but I found our venue online. As soon as I saw the website I knew. Going there confirmed it. We booked the next day.

  • Tara Siudy

    Great tips! Planning a wedding is a big task! This makes it easy!

  • Bre

    Awesome tips thanks for the share! Looking back on my wedding I was so overwhelmed about making decisions definitely could have used a guide like this lol;)

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