This 1920s Wedding Will Make You Want To Be A Bridesmaid

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I’m so excited to share with you a bridesmaid experience from my dear friend Beth. She is a total sweetheart and great friend, as you’ll find out yourself throughout this post. When she told me about her friend’s 1920s wedding theme, I wanted every single detail. It took a little bit to compile, but the wait is finally over. I hope you enjoy hearing about her experience and seeing the amazing details that made up this extraordinary wedding day.

This 1920s wedding will make you want to be a bridesmaid.

Beth the Bridesmaid

My name is Beth Jarrell. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I graduated from Geneva College, which is where I met the lovely bride Megan I will be talking more about in this interview. I’ve had the honor of being a bridesmaid twice now. The first wedding I was a bridesmaid for my cousin Steph when I was 19 years old. The second wedding was with Megan when I was 27.

Beth as a bridesmaid at Megan's wedding.

On Meeting the Bride

I met the bride Megan in college at a football game where we were talking about how cute this one football player (Brad) was. Turns out she actually ended up marrying the football player we were talking about.

What is so funny to me is Megan was the goth type. I never in a million years would have thought she would go for a football type. Obviously I was so wrong. They are wonderful together. Their personalities are different, but they balance each other out in such a beautiful way.

Beth and Megan’s Friendship

My friendship with Megan really took off after the football game and we became like sisters. She would sleep in my dorm room a lot and we’d stay up having long talks. We were roommates during our Junior and Senior year of college, and spent most weekends together. We would go camping, take day trips, and go to concerts together. Also Megan LOVES breakfast. No matter how late in college she’d stayed up the night before, she was always so excited and begging me to go to breakfast.

She really has a zeal for life. She can get anyone excited about anything. That has always been one of my favorite things about her.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

It was very apparent to me and my husband Bryan that they would end up getting married. They had come to visit us after we moved out of state and started asking me and Bryan about what it’s like to be married. I told my husband, “It’s only a matter of time before he proposes.” Finally one night, not too long after, I got a phone call from Megan telling me that Brad had proposed to her. She was elated and asked me to be a bridesmaid. This is still one of my favorite phone calls I have ever received.

Megan and Brad with Beth and her husband Bryan.

The Bridesmaids

There were 7 other bridesmaids besides me. It was the perfect amount because there were plenty of people to split the responsibilities with. Plus everyone had a wide range of talents. Some ladies were good at arts and craft stuff, some were detail oriented when it came to planning, and others were good for emotional support. All the different personalities really came together to make the wedding events better.

I think for the most part the bridesmaids got along. We communicated through emails mainly, which gets kind of confusing with that many people. So there were a few issues from time to time. But I feel like I really got to know some awesome ladies who really truly care about the bride.

Everyone wanted her wedding day to be everything she ever hoped it would be. This was no small task because Megan is a very creative and artistic person. Her idea for her wedding was detailed and very involved.

Having so many great bridesmaids who were willing to go the extra mile helped the bride accomplish this beautiful 1920s wedding theme. I really enjoyed all of my time with these ladies throughout planning. They were awesome and I definitely cannot wait to see them again. So yes, I made some new besties for sure!

Bride Megan with Beth and her bridesmaids.

The Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

I think Megan made it totally affordable to be in her wedding! I paid:

$148 for a 1920’s style dress.
$30 for tan wedge shoes from TJMax.
$30 for pearl earrings and a necklace from Target.
$150 for the shower/ bachelorette.
$40 for bachelorette fun stuff for the bride.
$35 shower gift – beer glasses listed on their registry and beer.
$50 for a a wedding gift – His and Her basket full of things for their honeymoon/ married life together.

$483 Total

Bridesmaid Dress Experience

I adored my bridesmaids dress. The bride was super chill about our look, even advising us to wear comfortable shoes since it was an outdoor wedding. She let us pick out our own dress style as long as it was pink, beige, or a creamy champagne color. It was nice to be able to pick out a dress that would be flattering on all of us. I am still amazed that she was able to bring to reality her dream of creating such a beautiful 1920s wedding.

Beth with the bridesmaids in 1920s wear.

Bridal Shower on a Budget

We were going to do the wedding at a winery but they were ridiculously expensive. They wanted us to buy a bottle of wine for every so many people and we knew we couldn’t afford that. So we ended up having it at someone’s house, doing all the cooking (some in advance), set up, tear down, and decorating ourselves. This is the best way to save money.

I say DIY shower all the way. Making sure the entire bridal party helped, split costs, and worked on it was key too.

Each bridesmaid paid $100 and that was all the money needed for the shower. There was even some money left over, so we put it towards the bachelorette party.

Bridal Shower Theme, Decor, and Games

The bridal shower was a high tea theme. It was absolutely gorgeous. We used real China place settings and teacups for every guest, as well as gold silverware. Decor included more teacups and lace tablecloths.

For food we had mini sandwiches and cookies in the shape of tea bags. Then there were these adorable calendar cookies that doubled as save the dates made by one of the bridesmaid’s mother. We even made all the favors by putting loose leaf tea in tins that had marriage related sayings on them.

The first game we played was Bride and Groom Mad Libs. You fill in the words and the bride gets to keep the papers with guests answers as a keepsake. Another game we played involved asking the bride questions and she had to guess what the groom would say. Brad had been filmed answering them ahead of time. It was fun to see if their answers matched.

The Blending of Two Families

The bride was absolutely shocked at how beautifully the shower turned out. She saw everything and started crying because she was so happy. She said it was everything she ever dreamed it would be. The guests all commented on how wonderful the decorations were, and they loved the food.

Before we ate the groom’s mother welcomed everyone to the shower and talked about how excited she was that Megan and Brad were getting married. She spoke about how she loved Megan and already felt as if she were family. It was a very meaningful and special moment for the bride and groom’s family/friends to be part of. Many tears were shed.

It was a great day where all of the bridesmaids, the MOB, and the MOG came together to celebrate Megan and Brad’s wedding. It was in this moment that we all knew the wedding was going to be such a wonderful day.

The Bachelorette Party

We started at the bride’s apartment, decorating it in a gold new age theme. We gave her a sash that we all wrote little notes on for her to wear, had some champagne, and then took the bride to dinner at a place she had been dying to try. It was actually an old funeral home changed into an American food restaurant.

Then we went back to the bride’s apartment for dessert and more drinks. We headed back out and went to a dance club that was playing 80’s dance music. After that we had a sleepover at the bride’s apartment, woke up, cooked her brunch, and then helped with wedding stuff.  

Getting Crafty for the 1920s Wedding

Megan had the idea of a 1920s wedding in her mind. She had all of the decorations mapped out in her mind, but really needed a lot of extra hands to create those decorations. She sent out an email in January with a list of things she needed help with and had a few days where the bridesmaids came together to help her.

In one of her emails you can see her excitement as she said to us:

“What whaaaat! 4 months to go as of today! I am literally dying on the inside! I’m torn between being so excited to see you all and celebrate aka wanting the wedding to be TODAY and then wishing I had 4 MORE months to get all of the tasks finished! Agh!”

To her credit, Megan spent a lot of time going to yard sales to find the dishes for serving, center pieces, and other decorations. So we did what we could to help her stay on task. Everything from the invites, to the cup cake toppers, to the placecards and favors were handmade mainly by the bride and her bridesmaids. It was a really beautiful wedding.

Beth’s Favorite Wedding Moments

I may be a little biased since my husband was the pastor, but it really was the perfect ceremony. It was  also one of the most well thought out weddings I have been to. Not only was the decor absolutely stunning, the food was delicious, and the venue of the family camp was absolutely breathtaking. It was a very personal and intimate environment for the guests that were there.

We all had so much fun with the photo booth set up with 1920s props. I loved the the cookie and coffee bar, as well as the wine and beer bar. This wedding had tons of dancing, and towards the end of the evening some break dancing even took place. A year later I am still thinking about how great this wedding was. The love that the bride and groom had for each other and their friends/family was apparent that day. A year later it still shines through.

Being a bridesmaid is more than just being in someone’s wedding. It is a pure honor and a deepening of friendship. I was overjoyed to stand beside Megan and support her on one of the best and most important days of her life.

We couldn’t agree more Beth. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Special thanks to Sarah J Dixon Photography for allowing us to use the wedding day photos.

What do you think about Beth’s bridesmaid experience? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Brit Strawbridge

    Wow these dresses are absolutely gorgeous!! I would definitely do something like this if I had to do it over again!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Me too! I was so overwhelmed planning my own wedding. Now that I’m way more into this stuff I’m like wow I could’ve done so much more! Ha.

    • Beth

      Thank you Brit Strawbridge… most of the dresses were from the designer Adrianna Papell. She makes such beautiful art deco/ 1920 styled dresses.

  • Crystal

    So fun! Makes me want to get married again!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      “Makes me want to get married again” = something I say on a weekly basis. LOL.

    • Beth

      Me too Crystal! I wish I could hit rewind and do that day again. It was such a great day.

  • Christie

    First off, I love the bride’s dress, and all of the bridesmaid’s as well. It looks like it was a beautiful day!

    Thank you for breaking down the costs for us too. Suddenly I want to spend all weekend picking up antiques at yard sales and having high tea (one of my favorite things ever).

    “Being a bridesmaid is more than just being in someone’s wedding. It is a pure honor and a deepening of friendship. I was overjoyed to stand beside Megan and support her on one of the best and most important days of her life.” You are the best bridesmaid ever, with this mentality! 🙂

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      I totally agree with you Christie that Beth is the best! She’s such a supportive friend. I say one of these days we all fly over to England to have a real high tea. While we’re at it we can go to Janie’s workshop to make fascinators.

    • Beth Jarre

      Thank you Christie for your kind words! I adored being Megan’s bridesmaids. I think honestly the bridesmaid role was created to support the bride and I wanted to do the best that I could in honoring the bride. And together her bridal party formed a perfect team and accomplished so much to create the 1920s dream wedding.

  • Megan | LoveFamilyHealth

    How fun! What a cool and beautiful twist on Bridesmaid dresses!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Thank you Megan! I love your blog so I’m glad you stopped by to say hello.

  • Reply

    What a fun theme! I’m such a fan of bridesmaids who wear dresses that are the most flattering for them, rather than one dress everyone has to fit into. And I absolutely love the venue/scenery. Absolutely stunning.

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Totally agree Karyl. You want to look and feel your best!

    • Beth

      I LOVED the theme. It was one of the most elaborate weddings I have ever been to. Even though she told us we could all pick out our dresses and just gave us the color and style we ended up mostly picking dresses from the same designer. Adrianna Papell. Her dresses are all super art deco/1920’s styled with lots of sequins. Totally worth checking out her dresses!

  • Kristen Raney

    This was such a beautiful, DIY wedding. The 1920’s dresses are just STUNNING!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Aren’t they? So dreamy!

      • Beth

        Thank you! Yes it was lovely. The bride referred to us as her sun goddesses.

  • Hazel

    This is one of my favourite posts you’ve ever done Theresa! The story and the pictures both compliment each other so well. The write up kept me reading but the images made me stop scrolling to look at them for ages. Thank you for the fab post!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Thank you Hazel. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. This really was a dream wedding and I was so happy to be able to share Beth’s bridesmaid experience.

      • Beth

        Wow! Thank you Hazel. What a great compliment. I am going to tell the bride how much you enjoyed her wedding and post. So glad you stumbled upon this post. I really enjoyed writing it. I was a little worried that this post would not do the wedding enough justice but Theresa did such an amazing job of tying it all together. So thankful to share this wonderful journey through Megan’s 1920’s wedding.

  • Jordyn

    I love this theme! The pictures are incredible!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Thank you 🙂

  • Sarah Camille

    What a lovely wedding! I love the 1920s theme, and it was pulled off SO well. Everyone looks super glamorous in their dresses.
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Glam is the way to be if you ask me!

  • Sharon

    I love how unique each dress is but they still fit the theme perfectly! Incredible! The bride looks so happy 🙂

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Megan has a beaming smile that I just love.

  • Anna

    How creative. I love he twist in the bridesmaids dresses. You all are very creative .

    • Beth

      Thank you! It was a blast and we all felt absolutely stunning in those dresses !

  • Rachel

    Everything about this wedding is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      All the star aligned for this one.

    • Beth

      It was so fun to be part of this wedding. Highly recommend this wedding theme or 1920s theme in general!

  • Melissa

    O-M-G! I always tell my hubby I should have been born in the 20’s! I love everything about this, I have wanted to do a 20’s themed birthday party for awhile now…maybe I will use this as inspiration for next year!

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      I had a speakeasy party for Christmas about 10 years ago. We exchanged gifts and called it a boozeyanna because everything had to be booze related. Best exchange ever!

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