Creative Gifts the Bride Will Love, Beside Your Bridesmaid Duties!

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As a bridesmaid, you have a lot of responsibilities. However, one responsibility that you don’t want to drop the ball on is finding creative gifts for the newly married couple! If you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid, you know the couple very well and will probably want to get them something unique that they can keep forever! The gift can, of course, be anything you think is appropriate. If you are struggling for some unique ideas, have a look here for some options that aren’t the typical home goods placed on the registry.

Creative Wedding Gifts the Couple Will Love

1) A Personalized Photo Album

This is something you could put together yourself for a personal touch. Don’t go for anything too high production, just take loads of pictures on your phone of everything! The engagement, the wedding planning, when the bride finds the right dress, the bachelorette party (get a friend to take some of the bachelor party as well), the wedding day itself, etc. Just anything that has something to do with the wedding.

Photo Album Wedding Gift for the Bride and Groom

Pick out the best ones to print straight from your phone. Go for the most natural, and put together a little book of these candid photos. The couple will love and appreciate all the effort and personal touches that you put into it. Plus it’s a great option if you are on a budget!

2) A Model of Where They Got Married

You can take this and tailor it to the particular style of the bride and groom. An excellent way to do it is to see if there is some lego version available in the place they got married. This is easier if they got married in a big city. Or you could give building it yourself a try. Of course it won’t be as elaborate as pictured below, because that might be quite hard, and costly. If there is nothing from lego or a place like that, have a look around the area in your local gift shops. You can look for a small trinket that is from the city or town where they will marry.

Lego City of Venice

3) A Map of the Place They Got Married

Along the same lines, a map of the place they got married would be so kind in their house! You could look on a site like Etsy for a beautiful hand painted map. Some Etsy shops also have a digital file purchase option. Then you can print it on your own, find a nice frame, and you’re ready to go! This is such a lovely personal gift they will appreciate, and might not have thought to do themselves.

4) A Replica Bottle of Wine

This is where it comes in handy to be the bridesmaid, because you get to know all the details of the wedding without doing any prying around! Go out and buy another bottle of the wine or champagne they are using to toast at their wedding. That would be an extraordinary gift; they probably won’t even want to open it. If you get two, they can keep one unopened forever, and use one to celebrate their honeymoon or one year anniversary!

Wine and Cheers Glasses.

5) Organizing The Wedding Photographer

This is such a lovely thing to do for the couple because it takes a bit of pressure off them when planning the wedding. You get to give them the most special memories: their actual wedding pictures! Have a look at some lovely photographers like Vittore Buzzi, or do an online search for photographers that are local to their venue. Just make sure they will love the style of the photographer. It is a big responsibility you would be taking on if you decide to gift this.

Wedding Photographer as a Gift to the Couple.

Keep in mind, organizing the photographer doesn’t always mean you have to pay for it. The gift itself could be helping the couple find a true professional. I helped my best friend find the perfect photographer for her wedding day. She was so thankful to have narrowed down options. The couple already has so many “to do tasks” for the wedding that are stressful. You are giving them back the gift of time.

6) Get Something Special from the Wedding Day

By something special, talk to the caterer of the wedding and see if you can get the recipe for one of the dishes they will have at the wedding. This is a lovely gift you could frame for them to hang in their kitchen. They’d also get to eat their wedding meal whenever they like! The caterer may be reluctant to give this information away, so make sure you ask nicely. You could also do the same thing with whoever made the cake or desserts.

Wedding Reception Place Settings

7) Get a Personalized Wedding Announcement

There are places online that print out fake newspapers, and you can put whatever you like on the front cover. This is a fun present for couples with a great sense of humor. They can keep it long after the wedding day itself or even display it on the day at the venue. Since this is just a little joke, it might be good along with a gift a little bit more serious. But it is sure to make the newlyweds laugh!

Man reading a newspaper.

8) Get Something Special Engraved

An engraved keepsake would be special for the new couple. Maybe not jewelry, as they already have their wedding rings for that. However, you could get something engraved like a trinket box or an ornament. Make it something that is personal to them, or maybe a joke between all of you. The best present is really all about making it personal and unique. These are the ones they’ll appreciate the most.

Engraved ornament for newlyweds

9) Something Nice for the Honeymoon

As a present, do something nice for them on their honeymoon. It shows the couple you are hoping they are having a fantastic time on their first trip as newlyweds. You can send some nice champagne to their room for their arrival. Or you could call up the hotel and ask to pay for their first meal over the phone. Make sure to include a nice message from you sending your well wishes. There are so many things you can do along that line to show that you are thinking of them!

Couple on the beach with champagne.

10) A Polaroid Camera

A polaroid camera is a present that most people would love to get. You could also bring it to the wedding and take a bunch of pictures of the guests having fun. Ask guests to write a little message to the bride and groom. Bring a little photo album to put all the pictures in, and give it to them at the end of the night. They can also take it with them on their honeymoon to fill up the album with even more wedding memories. Just remember to buy some extra film to gift them. With this gift, they get a camera and picture memories; it’s a two in one present.

Polaroid camera and film as a gift.

11) Go for a good old DIY gift!

The nicest things you can do for a couple is to make something yourself. Have a look at this list of wedding blogs to follow for tons of ideas! A DIY gift can include making a collage photo frame with pictures of the couple together. Or you could do something simple that they’d love, like making their favorite baked goods. Remember, helping out with all the wedding preparations is a gift on it’s own. So don’t feel loads of pressure to spend excessive money on a gift. Spending lots of time helping them plan the wedding is a great gift in itself.

DIY hot cocoa mix

What do you think of these gifts? Share with us in the comments.

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  • Misty Eilar

    Love these ideas. I got a cute like photo album with photos of my time with my husband at college.

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Aww that sounds really sweet! I made a scrapbook and had everyone sign it as our guest book.

  • Babies to Bookworms

    I love collecting ornaments from all of the important events and travels in my life, so I love that you included an engraved ornament! Lots of fun ideas on here.

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      I too love collecting ornaments from places I travel. My only wish is I had started the tradition sooner.

  • Annette Dattilo

    What great suggestions. I really love the photo album option.

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      Thanks, Annette. Photo albums are such a fun guest book idea.

  • Candy

    I like DIY gift making but I’m always worried I will screw it up or that the person does not share the sentiment that went into it. I think these are really good ideas.

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      I understand what you are you saying Candy. It is hard to know sometimes if your DIY gift will be a hit. I’m glad you like the ones I suggested.

  • Courtney Byers

    These gifts are so cute! I am a bridesmaid in one of my best friends weddings, so I will have to try one of these for her.

    • Theresa | Bridesmaids Confession

      How sweet Courtney! I hope you’re enjoying your bridesmaid experience.

  • Belle

    These are such great ideas and they’re so adorable!

  • Leighann

    aw, i love these ideas! the polaroid camera is so fun and a great way to catch those candid moments!

  • Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    I love the idea of getting something like a recipe from the caterer and framing it. That would be such a unique gift for the bride!

  • Kristin Cook

    An engraved Christmas ornament is such a great idea! I love that!

    • Reply

      I collect them whenever I travel. I also got one made that has all the important dates with my husband. First date, engaged, and married. It is a really sweet ornament.

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