18 of the Dirtiest Things Wedding Photographers Have Accidentally Said

 In LOL Stories, Professionals Confess!

Nobody ever said a wedding day was without a few imperfect moments. Sometimes these moments are stressful, and other times they are just down right hysterical. As professional as wedding photographers are, they have their small moments of insanity on wedding day.

Trying to gather groups of people in order to check off all the bride’s “must have shots” can be a challenge. That is why it’s easy for us to laugh at the absurd things they sometimes say to get that perfect shot.

18 of the Dirtiest Things Wedding Photographers Have Accidentally Said. bridesmaidsconfession.com

When talking to the couple….

If you want the bride and groom to walk away from you while holding hands that’s fine. Directing them into that pose by saying “I want to get you from behind” is just a little creepy.

Couple Kissing. Wedding Photographer Mishaps.

The photographer wanted their couple to slowly kiss and then pull away from each other, so they ended up saying to them, “Pull out real slow.”

Not all of the poses couples are asked to be in for photos are comfortable. Not to mention sitting in formal wear and a wedding gown can be tricky. This photographer could see the groom wasn’t feeling the pose he was in and asked him, “Would it be more comfortable if she went in between your legs?”

When talking to the groom….

One groom didn’t know what to do with his hands for his solo shots so the photographer decided to give him a “job” for his hands. I’m sure you’re not shocked to learn that it came out of the photographer’s mouth as “Lemme give you a hand job.”

Trying to get the groom to stand closer to the bride? Saying “now slide into her” probably isn’t the best choice of words.

Sometimes photographers miss getting a classic shot the moment it is happening. One photographer tried recreating the couple feeding cake to each other, and the groom pointed out they didn’t have any forks. The photographer said, “Just finger her.. um.. it. I mean. Oh my god. Just eat it with your hands.”

When talking to the bride….

Most photographers take couples photos and solo shots of the bride and the groom. Probably not a good idea though to turn to the bride and say, “Let me do him real fast and then I’ll do you.”

In between taking pictures of the couple, the bride asked the photographer if she photographed weddings only. Since the photographer shot portraits most of the time she responded with, “No, I mainly do high school seniors.”

Sometimes nerves get the best of the bride. One photographer was having a really hard time getting the bride to relax her smile. They tried every trick they had to help without adding to her stress. Without thinking the photographer blurted out his honest thoughts, “You are smiling like a blow up doll. It’s like the lights are on but no one is home.” Thankfully the bride busted out laughing and he was able to get shots with her natural smile.

When talking to the groomsmen….

One photographer wanted to get a cool shot of the groomsmen all huddled up so she laid on the ground while repeatedly yelling, “Come all around me.” Even though it was a cringe worthy moment they groomsmen were all laughing so hard she got great shots.

Groomsmen. Bridesmaidsconfession.com

While taking photos of the groom and the groomsmen, the photographer noticed the groom had his cell phone in his pocket. She said to him, “Do you have something in your pocket?” and without hesitation the best man replied, “No. He’s just happy to see you.”

After photographing the bridesmaids in front of a lovely garden with flowery trees this photographer thought the groomsmen would like a manlier background. She decided to take their pictures in front of some shrubs and said, “Let’s do your photos over here. You guys look like you probably prefer a little bush.”

When talking to the bridesmaids….

It’s pretty standard nowadays for the bride to have shots of her and the bridesmaids getting ready. What’s not as common is the photographer announcing, “I’m going to take photos of you undressing now.”

Sometimes the photographers excitement level is up. That’s what happened when this photographer was working with the bridesmaids and exclaimed, “Now that’s the money shot right there!”

When a photographer doesn’t have a second shooter they often ask the maid of honor to help with the bride’s train in pictures. While that is fine, it’s probably not a good idea to tell the MOH they are the “official fluffer” of the day.

When talking to the full bridal party….

This photographer had a bridal party with over 30 people and no second shooter. Trying to direct them was proving to be difficult. She wanted everyone to go outside so she said, “I need you all to go outside so I can do you on the brick wall.” The best man responded, “All of us?”

One photographer could never remember the term “flying V” when referring to a stacked shot of the bridal party so on many occasions they told bridal parties, “Let’s get into a deep V.”

After taking many photos of the bridal party in their sunglasses the groom asked if they should take them off for a few shots. The photographer agreed thinking they should just ditch them. Unfortunately it ended up coming out, “Yeah, just dick em.”

What was your favorite slip up? What did your wedding photographer say to you that made you laugh? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Jen Morrow

    These are too good! I know what I will be thinking (and probably saying out loud) at my next Wedding!

  • Keelie

    These are hilarious!! I can just imagine the photographers cringing and wanting to run off and hide after blurting these out lol!

  • eilarva

    I love these! Sometimes it happens at the worst moments, but I love when people just play along or laugh.

  • theweddingcat

    So funny!

  • Diana Frajman

    My son and his lady are getting married in July. Let’s see what the photographer has to say about that! 😉
    Thanks for the laugh.

    • bridesmaidsconfession

      If they say anything really fun let us know!

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