Will You Hold My Dress While I Pee?

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At some point in my teenage years my mother told me a story about a wedding in the late 80’s. As guests often say, “the bride was beautiful”. She was described as having a huge princess gown with lots of lace. Almost in the same breath my mom laughed. She then made an off hand comment that the bride’s dress was so big she needed help from multiple women to use the bathroom. It was a sight she said she’d never forget.

Flash forward 25 years later and brides are still in the same boat. So what do you do when you’re wearing a wedding dress and you need to pee?

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Thankfully this age old bridal question has been answered by Buzzfeed’s Kristin Chirico in her article: Here’s The Best Way To Pee In Your Wedding Dress Without Ruining Everything.

Kristin tests four possible methods that include: the bridal buddy, a 38-gallon trash bag, sitting backwards, and sitting normally. The article is insightful and a true must read, but we have an alternative that might work better for your bride. Spoiler alert: take the damn dress off!

Beautiful ballgown dress busteled. Pronovias Mercadal fit and flare strapless with a dropped wasteline

Theresa of Bridesmaids Confession on her wedding day. Photo credit: Amanda Brisco Photography

My Wedding Day Story

As a bride my dress was large even when bustled and very heavy, something I knew from fittings, but didn’t truly understand until I had it on for hours. Thankfully my ceremony and reception were in the same hotel so I built a pee break into my timeline.

Back of dress with buttons all the way down

I got into my dress at 2:30pm for pictures. When the ceremony ended at 5:30pm, I went back to my hotel room during cocktail hour to take the dress off and pee. It still required assistance from my bridesmaids because of all the buttons, but it made the whole process so much easier.

When all the formal parts of the wedding reception were done, I slipped away and changed into a different casual dress for dancing. This made the evening so much more enjoyable for me and the bridesmaids. None of us were having to go on multiple bride pee breaks.

Change into a short dress for your reception. It is easier to use the bathroom and better for dancing

So will this work for everyone? No. Do you as a bridesmaid have control over what the bride chooses to do? No.

However, just knowing this might be a bridesmaid task is half the battle. If you learn some tips and tricks ahead of time you will be a true hero to your bride.

Besides our suggestion, we highly recommend you check out the buzzfeed article that inspired this post. Not only is it insightful, it’s honest and funny at the same time. After reading it, you’ll have more information than you ever needed, or wanted, on how to hold your bride’s dress while she pees.

What do you think about these suggestions? Do you have any stories about helping a bride with this kind of task? Tell us your thoughts and stories in the comments.

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  • Kathryn Yount Koivogui

    Great idea! I can’t even imagine trying to straddle a commode! Especially not while wearing a wedding dress. Oh my!!

    • bridesmaidsconfession

      Exactly. I just kept thinking, there are 5 layers under here and it’s going to be a disaster.

  • Living With Hearing Loss

    This was one of the funniest parts of my wedding. My bridesmaids probably hated it, but they were very good sports!

    • bridesmaidsconfession

      LOL yes. I don’t think any bride goes into it saying let me get the biggest dress possible. It just happens and then you go, “how do we navigate this”? It shows how close you are with your girls for sure! Ha!!

  • Rica@ Yoga Mat Monkey

    Haha! That settles it– I’m either skipping liquids or getting drunk so I don’t care at all!

  • Erica Melissa

    LOL! I’ve witnessed the sitting backwards a few times and it’s always a toss up which way that’s going to end! Nevertheless, it always makes for a pretty good wedding story after! 😉

  • Keelie

    The best tip I ever heard was to face the toilet haha! This is something brides definitely should think about BEFORE their 5th glass of wine on their wedding day!

    • bridesmaidsconfession

      LOL because after that 5th glass of wine they probably aren’t as concerned as they should be.

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