Your Free Essential Bachelorette Party Survival Guide

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When it comes to bachelorette or hen parties, as they are called on the other side of the pond, there’s a lot to consider. Where to go, what to do, and all of the finer details can feel overwhelming. That’s why we were thrilled when our friends at Black and White Events created this amazing infographic to share with you.

Your Essential Bachelorette or Hen Party Survival Guide. Everything You Need to Know to Plan Infographic. Black and White Events in Ireland.

A Great Night Out

As you’ll see, our gal pals in Ireland and Britain enjoy a night out with their bride-to-be too. It seems in quite the same fashion as we do with American bachelorette parties. And why not? It’s the last night of single life for your bride, so you should celebrate in style. The tips on this infographic will help you keep things running smoothly and ensure a fun night for the bride and all the guests, or as they say hens! (isn’t that adorable!?)

Your Essential Bachelorette or Hen Party Survival Guide. Everything You Need to Know to Plan Infographic. Black and White Events Ireland.

Party Planning

Remembering to keep guests involved, and working within everyone’s budget, are crucial parts to a successful bachelorette or hen party. It also helps to decide on the details early, such as if there will be a theme. You’ll also want to make reservations for restaurants and clubs ahead of time. If you start feeling stressed remind yourself to keep it simple! Everyone is there to have a good time. They probably won’t remember the finer details that you, as the organizer, are stressing over.

Honestly, it’s as simple as focusing on a good time. If you and the other bridesmaids have truly given it your best effort, the bride will have an amazing night no matter what happens. So don’t forget to enjoy yourself when the festivities begins. After all that planning you sure do deserve it!

What do you think about this infographic? Anything we missed? Share with us in the comments.


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  • geekswhoeat

    Love this! As a bride I will be sharing this with my bridesmaids and MoH!

    • bridesmaidsconfession

      So glad you love it as much as we do! I hope your MOH and maids find it useful. It really does cover everything.

  • Sara.

    Beautiful infographic! Very detailed and informative. I especially love the bar games and the emergency kit!

  • Jennifer

    Wow…most of my friends have been married a long time but I could use this list for any gal pal get together…so great..thanks so much!

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